The northeast area of Los Angeles has many active neighborhood groups and UGLA supports many of these groups by taking a membership, attending functions, and participating in their events. Upcoming events and activities are listed below. You may call UGLA at (323) 258-8842 if you have questions or need information about any of the activities listed on this page.

August 25: Hollywood Bowl

September 8: Hollywood Bowl

September 13: Monthly Mixer

UGLA will be debuting UGLA member Byron Motley’s new amazing photographic book “Embracing Cuba.” 
Charles Urtuzuastegui, a prominent Pasadena Attorney, will also be speaking

Oct. 11: Monthly Mixer

UGLA is holding the 3rd Northeast Los Angeles Pride Day. It will be a “Classic Cabaret," featuring music by lesbian and gay classical composers. UGLA will be partnering with Eagle Rock’s Renaissance Art Academy.


Uptown Gay and Lesbian Alliance