On February 1, 2018, L.A. City Councilmember Gil Cedillo dedicated the intersection of Ave. 41 and No. Figueroa St. as “The Bobby Brown Uptown Gay and Lesbian Alliance Square in memory of 24 year-old Bobby Brown who was murdered there in 1983. See video below!

At these events, those in attendance socialize, catch-up on the latest neighborhood and personal news, and listen to a community or special interest speaker. UGLA supplies all beverages and door prizes.

Monthly Mixers

We proudly invite you to listen to "The Ballad of Bobby Brown", written and performed by Santina Giordano:

Community Partners


Listen to "The Ballad of Bobby Brown"!

The Brown/Uptown Square

Uptown Gay and Lesbian Alliance

  • The Ballad of Bobby Brown2:49
Members are encouraged to make a donation to their favorite charity through UGLA. UGLA matches the amount of the member's donation and sends a check for double the member's donation to the charitable organization.

UGLA supports organizations in Northeast Los Angeles and neighboring communities through its charitable programs, purchasing membership, advertising and participating in events.
Some of these organizations are: